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Six Beers

2003-03-04 16:36:52.078688+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

Brad is sponsoring the "Best Heterosexual Weblog" category over at the Anti-Bloggies. I don't generally go in for the whole weblog scene any more, but since Brad[Wiki] has graciously offered to throw in six beers I'm sure y'all will do the right thing when voting opens on March 15th.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2003-03-04 21:36:19.719539+00 by: TC

Do we qualify as Heterosexual weblog anymore? I mean sure, I occasionally link to something and say "check out her ass" but that qualifies more as sophomoric than hetero. And with all the sheep and appliance references I think we qualify as "pansexual" at least. Just a six pack away? gawd I didn't know I was living on the edge. BTW if vote on weblogs your supporting terrorism.

#Comment made: 2003-03-05 00:13:00.098186+00 by: meuon

Polysexual, omnisexual, or from the Bloom County world: VeggieSexual

Heck.. why not just say "sexual" ane be done with it. I have enjoyed the variety of views and topics on them discussed here, yet we really never get very into very deep penetrating discussions or achieve a climactic resolution. We seem to flirt, teasing each other with a foreplay of words, engorging our senses on the initial titillation of a topic. We have touched on enema play, vibrators, trimming pubic hair, and even linked to Mr. M's Leather.. even digressions on TENS (Transcutenous Electronic Nerve Stimulation). We've even posted the occaisional nude or semi-nude "flutterby girl". But have we even lightly stroked the levels that sexuality.org bares on the myriad of pleasures of sex? Nope, we are all afraid to pop the cherry of what would be average bar conversation, even in Chattanooga (Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt). I implore each of the Flutterby readers and contributors to consider how they could remove the latex.. the restraints.. the pink fuzzy bunny slippers.. whatever it is that holds you back from revealing all, in public (like your job, place in polite mundane society..) and explore the various pleasures they have experienced, want to experience, fantasize about experiencing.. and bring the level of sexual discussions on Flutterby to a new peak.

If for no reason than to give a 40+ year old horny dirty old man who ain't actually had any real sex in ages like myself something to masterbate and think about.

(Dan, I expect to see a BIG bandwidth spike when the search engines index this page.. )

#Comment made: 2003-03-05 02:18:41.09751+00 by: Shawn

Sorry, meuon. I'd love to regale you but my sex life, which started out in the blahs, has only continued its abismal downward spiral.

Despite the fact that all I ever wanted out of life (even before I realized I wanted it) was to live in a naked communal home with others who shared my view of sex as a purely recreational activity, I find myself today living in my religiously/morally oppressive in-laws house with a wife who now tells me that she thought I wasn't really serious about "all that".

Not to... uh... bring the thread down or anything :-|

#Comment made: 2003-03-05 09:45:01.22479+00 by: meuon

Shawn, you and share something. My (about to be legally ex.. in the 'waiting period') wife had an open mind about a lot of things, that a few years with the Mother-In-Law (her Mom) sure changed... It's just no fun doing Tarzan yells knowing GrandMa is watching the Braves game downstairs.

Odd comment..I was in a foul mood last night, stopped by the local neighborhood gay bar at 7pm for a drink and some egg rolls (theirs are good!). Scott, the bars equiv of Norm on his usual stool at the end of the bar with a beer. asked me why I (the straight guy) stopped here. I told him that given a choice between rednecks, yuppies, and queers.. I'd take the queers. He laughed. We watched 'Friends' together on the bar's TV - made fun of the stuff going on in the show from two very different sexual viewpoints.. I felt better and came home. What I like about the place, and you made me realize it in simple terms, is that it is NOT a morally or religiously oppressive place.

#Comment made: 2003-03-11 04:32:05.814407+00 by: meuon

Shawn.. I met the woman with your views of it being a 'purely recreational activity'.... and I need to edit/retract my comments above.. as soon as I can get the grin off of my face.

#Comment made: 2003-03-12 05:48:38.631232+00 by: Shawn

Woohoo! Way to go :-)