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Dori's new office

2003-04-02 16:55:23.535122+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

Thi is gonna break Meuon's heart, 'cause Dori is already married, but Dori's new office is "a genuine 17' 1957 Airstream trailer..."

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#Comment made: 2003-04-02 18:14:34.336873+00 by: meuon

That is beautiful.. I miss my Airstream (32' Excella 500) some days..it was so cozy.. Dori is my hero for doing this! Wow!

#Comment made: 2003-04-02 22:37:18.037935+00 by: Dori

Why, thank you!

And damn, I wish it was 32'--I'd have twice as much space.

#Comment made: 2003-04-03 05:21:44.011622+00 by: crasch [edit history]

Dori, for what it's worth, you could probably sell the 17' Airstream, and buy a 31' for less money. (Assuming you have the space to park it.) The smaller Airstream's sell at a premium.


#Comment made: 2003-04-03 15:59:20.659942+00 by: meuon [edit history]

They do.. with smaller more fuel efficient cars/trucks/etc as the norm, the smaller old Airstreams are worth their weight in gold. You can even have airstream itself refurb them (for lots of money). Dori's is a classic and in very nice shape. None of the other trailer makers make a trailer as light as strong or as towable as these units. I was looking for a price for a 'New' Bambi but can't find one... although they do make them.

It also makes a great office.. Dori, do you take it on the road also? I can imagine being parked next to some giant redwoods.. writing... chilling..

#Comment made: 2003-04-03 21:43:47.858865+00 by: Dori

Wait wait wait... you guys are making the assumption that I own this thing...

Nah, I'm just renting, both the trailer and the land it's parked on. I was looking for a small office, and everything that I could find was waaaay out of my price range. Then I found this advertised in the local paper, and it was within my price range and had a great in-town location, so I grabbed it.

My landlord has a thing about Airstreams and had a piece of unused land that he knew he couldn't get a permit to build on, but wanted to make a few bucks on anyway. His solution: buy an Airstream, put it on the property, hook it up to utilities, do just enough refurb, and rent it out as an office.

Given the tourist market here, if he could have hooked up hot water (the one big drawback), he could probably have rented it out as a retro B&B for $200/night. Obviously, I'm paying considerably less.

Having spent some time in it now, I can tell that it could really use some additional refurb work (some light fixtures don't work, etc.), but it's still way cool. My plan for most of the summer is to turn Wi-Fi on, put a comfortable chair in the yard, and enjoy the day while working.

C'mon up for a visit! There's two wine tasting rooms just on my block, and a dozen or so more within two blocks.

#Comment made: 2003-04-03 22:15:07.381632+00 by: crasch

Dori, well then, I suppose selling the Airstream does present some difficulties...:>

BTW, although you probably don't want the landlord to figure out how to hook up hot water, if you ever do want a hot water source, you might consider these:

Low-tech: http://www.hotcampshowers.com/new656.html

High-tech: http://www.tanklessheater.org/propane-water-heater.html

Meuon, last time I checked, new Bambi's were selling for about $20 K.