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Dan rides a Segway

2003-04-13 06:34:18.457942+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Went to the QBOX party in honor of Gearheads this evening, with Zack[Wiki] and Forest[Wiki] in tow. Bunch of vehicles from BattleBots, a few folks with some interesting contraptions from the Robotics Society of America. The coolest of these was actually the smallest combat robot, a carbon fiber wedge with an aluminum or stainless plow and spike device. There was also a hexapod walker that just did tank action for turning, but was nicely autonomous for a small creature, and the like.

And I got to ride a Segway. Zack[Wiki] didn't get the picture, so I can't grace you with that, but it was actually rougher than I expected. At first there's a feedback loop that gets the thing wiggling weirdly, seemed to happen for almost everyone. It wasn't the place to stress test it, but it was basically what I thought it'd be. It did get me thinking about possibilities for a really cool two-wheeled side-by-side vehicle, however. I'm still stuck on the idea of one without that silly stick, and I might have an idea of how to do it. Too much else going on to pursue it right now.

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