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Mama Theresa's

2003-04-16 16:53:56.149614+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Jeanne[Wiki] and the rat boys[Wiki] gave us a night off from Forest[Wiki] yesterday evening, so to celebrate we went out to Mama Theresa's[Wiki] in San Anselmo[Wiki] for dinner. This is the restaurant that replaced Alfy's[Wiki](that replaced Creekside[Wiki]). The service was spotty, very courteous and calming yet we got offered a special which they were out of, and one server said "I'll bring a selection of teas", the second delivered our "sweet chamomile". And Charlene's mixed greens salad was a little old, my shrimp bisque was good, but a little overspiced. The veggie lasagna was okay, but not $14 okay, and Charlene's chicken cardinale was passable but not an excellent rendition. Like the quiet atmosphere, but next time we'll be looking elsewhere.

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