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Soccer hooligans

2003-05-07 18:23:50.624551+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Does it bother anyone else that we're getting these "one-a-day" questionable stories of atrocities by relatives of Saddam Hussein while there's still no evidence of the "conservative estimate" of "a stockpile of between 100 and 500 tons of chemical weapons agent" that Colin Powell alleged in his remarks to the United Nations Security Council? Rafe Colburn has some good notes looking back on the Powell speech. I'm sure Saddam Hussein and his cronies are baaaad people, but given the treatment of U.S. prisoners of war, and the assertions made when the invasion started, I also think we're getting one hell of a smokescreen right now.

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#Comment made: 2003-05-07 19:15:00.038366+00 by: meuon

The whole thing is a mass media fed facade of epic proportions. And our own profit minded, fear mongering journalists have proven unworthy of the word title journalist. Geraldo as a war reporter was the sour icing on the rotten cake. Smokescreen? More like a complete facade.

#Comment made: 2003-05-07 19:30:26.798227+00 by: Pete

If you like that, you'll love this:


#Comment made: 2003-05-07 19:51:01.55436+00 by: Dan Lyke

On the other side, Salam Pax is back, with a huge update of his experience during the conflict.