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Forest has gone home

2003-05-11 17:48:36.262868+00 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

At a little before 4:10 yesterday afternoon, Southwest flight 2808 pushed back from the gate and departed for Las Vegas. Forest has gone home to his Mom.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2003-05-11 20:52:30.358837+00 by: topspin

Seat or air tray?


#Comment made: 2003-05-12 02:36:37.570689+00 by: Dan Lyke

[Dan looks deliberately innocent for a moment...]

Actually, he kinda grew on me. After the blow-up we started to get along better, maybe because he changed, but maybe also because I realized that I could put my foot down without getting totally hated.

I mean, I'm not sad to have the house again, I'm happy to have some time to type and be and get my own stuff done, but I really will look forward to having him come to visit, and I want to keep some of the changes we, but mainly Charlene, seem to have started in him going. Under all of those things that annoyed me there's a good kid, and it's important to separate that from the reality that I am not cut out to be a parent.

#Comment made: 2003-05-12 02:37:41.782229+00 by: Dan Lyke test 1 [edit history]

#Comment made: 2003-05-12 12:41:26.645205+00 by: meuon

Nice of you to have found a relationship in there.. Maybe you aren't a parent, but are a good "Uncle" (And Charlene an "Aunt") - which might be a better thing for him and ya'll both.

#Comment made: 2003-05-12 13:21:31.089399+00 by: ziffle

From how you wrote previously my first thought upon reading this was "I wonder if they used a large enough pet carrier when Dan put him in the luggage compartment for the trip back?"

There is[Wiki] something to peace of mind however.....