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Even more Hong Kong

2003-06-18 00:59:23.823934+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

[Hello Kitty cell phone game dispenser] Helpful Hong Kong travel tips:

  • Get an Octopus Card[Wiki]. HK$150 gives you HK$100 worth of travel dollars and a deposit. These things are kinda like the Bay Area's Translink[Wiki], except that they work (everywhere), including for purchases in some convenience stores, and they'll let you avoid buying tickets or fumbling for change at various tourist attractions like the Star Ferry[Wiki] or the Peak Tram[Wiki].
  • Every MTR[Wiki] station has a Hang Seng Bank[Wiki] branch. It's a great meeting place, because at every station but the huge Central/Hong Kong complex there's only one. So you often see people waiting outside the bank in the stations.
  • Some stations even have helpful vending machines to sell you games for your cell phone, like the one pictured here.
  • The Peak Tram[Wiki] is not a worthwhile trip during the day if the visibility is low.

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