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SF Examiner

2003-07-18 23:00:34.412051+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

As I walk to work these mornings, I've been grabbing a San Francisco Examiner, and I've actually been impressed that they've started to cover cool stuff happening in the city. Thought they'd be toast once they went free, but they're actually about the walk's worth of a few cool articles. Bruce Bellingham does a decent dish, and they've been having a few other articles of note. On Wednesday they covered the Banana Republic billboard liberation, (The Billboard Liberation Front has their own minimalist coverage). This morning they covered the "Mob project" thing as it happened in SF; people showing up somewhere, doing something to lend a slightly surreal atmosphere, like applauding for 15 seconds, or, in this case, spinning across a crosswalk during the "walk" cycle, and then disappearing.

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