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Lucía y el sexo

2003-07-21 15:50:07.664601+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Watched Lucía y el sexo[Wiki] last night. Hmmmm. First movie in a long time I've wanted to see again, and I'm wondering if Y Tu Mamá También[Wiki] got so much positive press, how come I wasn't aware of this one in the theaters?

It starts out as very enjoyable soft-porn, yet somewhere in there switches over to a good strong romantic tear-jerker, one that (contrary to some of the comments on IMDB) came together in a fantastic and yet completely justified way. Photography and direction seemed a little uneven, but again, I want to go back and see it again because I saw some story being told in the use of the camera, and I think there are a couple of threads here wanting to be teased apart.

Something else to note: Despite visible genitals and some pretty hot suggestion, these are actors with mainstream careers in other countries. We need to do everything we can to break the hold the MPAA has on movie taste in this country.

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#Comment Re: Lucía y el sexo made: 2003-07-21 16:45:03.133509+00 by: Johnny

It's a good movie, although it could have been a great one with a little more editing. The spanish make some very interesting movies, often a bit on the odd side - "Abre los ojos" is a recent example (remade in Hollywood as Vanilla sky, I believe), as are the Almodovar and Bunuel movies . I've got Almodovar's "Hable con ella" waiting to be popped into the DVD player at home; hopefully it's not as over the top as "Todo sobre my madre".

#Comment Re: Lucía y el sexo made: 2003-07-22 04:16:00.46297+00 by: karl_mtl

Hi you might be interested by this review