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Flutterby CMS

2003-07-23 03:29:33.932662+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Interested in a bunch of source code that you'll have to be a wizard in PostgreSQL, Perl and Apache to understand, that's guaranteed not to install cleanly, and that'll take lots of effort and email with Dan to get running...

...but with the right group of people could evolve from a bunch of loosely coupled scripts into a rather nice content management system? Volunteers needed, in everything from documentation to web design to down and dirty coding, to turn this from a hack into a product. Email me for details and a CVS, then head on over to Flutterby.Net and let's see what we can do about packaging this baby up for use.

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#Comment Re: Flutterby CMS made: 2003-07-23 21:39:43.933585+00 by: meuon

time. time.. time.. slipping away... wishing I had some rainy days..

The problem with downloading a life..

Heck, and rainy days are often perfect for caving... makes the caves wet and wild.