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2003-07-25 15:54:01.219587+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Went down to The Make Out Room last night to see San Francisco's Famous Burlesque, with The Cantankerous Lollies[Wiki], Kitten on the Keys, Duck's Breath Mystery Theater, an "everything shaking in ways I didn't know it could" performance by special guest Isis, Gorilla-X, gorilla to the stars, Rocky (who's "stripping on a pogo stick routine" has gone from amusing to impressive) and a few other folks whose names (and stage names) I would only do injustice to. Oh yeah, and Mad Dog as MC, who needs to work on his schtick, it's great to be bad to drag attention away from weaknesses in performances, but he was uneven and a little old last night.

I'd love to see a slightly better venue, The Make Out Room has tables and space near the stage, but out by the entrance narrows out by the bar so that people further back aren't as engaged. It also means that the patrons who arrive early aren't the ones getting drunk, it's the louts who stumble in late. So somewhere towards the end of the first act things get pretty loud back in the audience.

The Cantankerous Lollies[Wiki] were down to two last night, pairing up several times with Kitten on the Keys, who is getting away from the cutesiness of songs like "Grandma Sells My Panties on eBay" (excerpts of her older style) and into some real belting-it-out stage tunes. Different style, very entertaining.

Anyway, a good fun night, although I should remember earplugs because although the sound was clean it did take a while for my head to get back to normal.

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