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So you want to join the military...

2003-07-31 15:24:22.46269+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Over at Sgt Stryker's Daily Briefing, Stryker says: So You Want to Join the Military.... Damn I wish I'd had that when I was in college looking at my options. Coming from the direction from someone who's career, and therefore serious about it, talking about what recruiters will tell you and all. Worth a read if you're of that age.

Speaking of "of that age", I rode the ferry home with one of the guys who used to come over to Coyote Grits[Wiki] to play Counter-Strike and the like on our LAN[Wiki] the other day. I hesitate to call him one of the Rat Boys[Wiki] because I've yet to figure out what that group encompasses, but I think he's one of 'em. He's got an internship at Discreet. It's interesting talking to the various high-schoolers I know, from the "I have no idea what I'm going to do this summer" to the "I'm using this internship as a stepping stone to this experience, which I think will round out my college application this way, and during college I'm going to do this and this and this to get the attention of these companies..."

I was in the former group. Thought I was going to be a graphic designer until somewhere in my second year of college. Any of y'all in the latter category, and how did it serve you?

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#Comment Re: So you want to join the military... made: 2003-08-01 04:15:12.696866+00 by: ebradway

I was in the latter group. I did an internship at NASA in high school, which led to a job reverse engineering ASCII terminal firmware, which was supposed to then be balanced with a education in Computer Science. Then I quit school and started writing code with Dan at a small software company in town. Got married, had a kid bought a house and, even though I was in the same general field that I had intended to go, I never got to take it where I wanted to because of a poor marriage choice.

Now I'm back in school. Hoping to pick up somewhere where I left of thirteen years ago (with the added benefit of some experience and alot more patience).