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well-run networks

2003-07-31 15:49:28.562766+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Apropos of my comment about encrypting everything to and from my laptop, I was concerned about the speed of the SSH[Wiki] tunnelled proxy server. Here at work where I'm on low-end DSL[Wiki], it actually appears to be faster than the unencrypted box next to it. At home I had varying results, last night it clipped along, this morning it was slow. But I suspect what's going on is that the network at Highertech.net[Wiki] is better adminned and has faster DNS[Wiki] results than Comcast and whatever DSL[Wiki] provider we use here at work, and if the packets are flowing smoothly from here to my colo box in Chattanooga, then wherever they have to go from there is faster than what the big-name network folks can do.

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#Comment Re: well-run networks made: 2003-07-31 20:07:01.247469+00 by: meuon

actually.. there are some bajor backbone issues today on the 'net DDoS attacks are via the latest MS-Exploit(tm).. and just a few other incidental weirdies. Some days.. some routes are just faster than others.