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Faires, faeries and divas

2003-08-11 16:32:03.38863+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Went to the Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire up at Stafford Lake yesterday, despite the big honkin' drumstick and constumes, Charlene was ready to go before I was (and I wasn't terribly keen on the whole thing to start). It did make me a little sad to be missing Burning Man this year, however.

So, to satisfy our jones for costumes and revelry and music and such, we went down to see The Nice & Nasty Show hosted by Snatch at Harvey's, "in the heart of the Castro". That was fun, both 'cause... well... divas are always fun, but also from a people-watching standpoint. The show was a little uneven, with all types, from the "could be any one of the National Federation of Republican Women" to clearly diva to a few who had me guessing to one or two that I think were clearly biological women. Some knew how to take a stage, some were still working on their presence, and the crowd was... well... it was the Castro: mostly male, mostly buff, all out to have a good time. Much hootin' and hollerin' was had.

We were in the furthest seat from the stage, which was cool 'cause it was back where the performers were gathering, but next time I think we hang at the bar 'til something closer comes open rather than just staking out a table 'cause we can get one.

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