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2003-08-14 17:35:03.546115+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I've got a Samsung SyncMaster 171v 17" LCD display on my desktop at home (where I'm working on hardware today, which is why this came up). Inspired by Scoble's rant, and being an old fan of the Apple ][ graphics system, I went over to the Microsoft Web Service page to tune ClearType. When that didn't work, I fired up IE[Wiki] and went back, and tuned ClearType[Wiki], ahhh the joys of trying to confuse applications with operating systems. After having ClearType[Wiki] enabled for a few days, I've gone back to without it. Yes, the page looked prettier, but it wasn't any more readable, in fact I kept thinking "that's distracting" every time I sat down in front of this computer. Anyone else got experience with ClearType[Wiki]?

I remember reading a study at some point that claimed that anti-aliased fonts were harder to read than jaggy fonts on a computer screen, and I wonder if either I've become so used to reading jaggies that the other is now more difficult, or if I just tend to use fonts at so close to the resolution of my display device (even when that's 1280x1024 across a 17" diagonal that too much information is lost.

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#Comment Re: ClearType made: 2003-08-14 21:42:26.660813+00 by: Pete

I always found antialiasing to be an ugly hack, for text or otherwise. Just grow the resolution, and the rest will take care of itself.

Is there a way to turn it off in Acrobat? Never got pissed enough to look for it, but it would be nice.

#Comment Re: ClearType made: 2003-08-18 17:07:51.16943+00 by: markpasc

I love subpixel font rendering. It definitely makes *italic* text much easier for me to read. I guess maybe I'm just imagining it, but I hope not.

I just used Display Properties -> Appearance -> Effects to turn it on, though.