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.NET hell

2003-08-14 21:44:25.547548+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So I'm actually having some fun today, I got back my boards from ExpressPCB, and aside from a few "did I really draw that?" instances, I've got some reasonable success as I add components and test. One of the things that strikes me is that for $62+tax I got three 3.8"x2.5" boards, which isn't a whole lot more than if I'd bought some kinda generic half-printed perfboard thingies of similar size. And that's just large enough to fit a motor controller on. It'd be fine for more than that if I got to spec out where the the connectors lie, but I'm plugging in to an edge connector that was put together elsewhere.

However, on other fronts I'm on the phone with the office tracking down an issue which stopped a demo earlier this week, and it appears that, yep, .NET did nothing to solve "DLL hell". In fact, it seems like we have a versionitis issue where an install of some other software, in this case one of the offenders seems to be the latest version of Visual Studio .NET[Wiki], causes some JPEG routines to stop functioning. My money is on .NET Framework 1.1 versus 1.0 right now.

Double sigh.

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