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Practical RDF

2003-08-17 21:24:10.940422+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

I'm reading Shelley (of Burningbird fame) Powers' book Practical RDF. Digging through the end of chapter 2 and "merging lemma"s, and I'm thinking "so how is this used?" I skimmed through to the end, and while I saw a few tools for querying RDF, I don't think I saw any real-world applications except for RSS. Are there any? And are there any indications that the people who might actually build tools to help encode semantic information in web pages will care about RDF? I don't want to rehash the old flame wars here, but it sure seems like a lot of verbosity to justify a "semantic web" label without actually giving anything any real meaning.

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#Comment Re: Practical RDF made: 2003-08-18 01:08:50.273018+00 by: karl_mtl [edit history]

In a few days, Dan, I will show why we use RDF to manage the QA Matrix at W3C, explaining why it's useful and practical.

-- Karl Dubost

#Comment Re: Practical RDF made: 2003-08-18 06:25:49.48738+00 by: dexev

W3C finds it useful -- I can't think of a better reason to stay away!

#Comment Re: Practical RDF made: 2003-08-21 12:02:30.171663+00 by: karl_mtl [edit history]

As promised Why the QA Matrix in RDF?, the article I was talking about.