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CSS dilemma

2003-08-29 17:12:35.041922+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Cam talks about a standard dilemma of development. In this case he's talking about HTML[Wiki] and CSS[Wiki], but I've seen the same struggle go down over coding styles in Perl, and C and C++: Where's the balance between readability, brevity, efficiency and maintainability?

Yesterday I talked to a graphic artist who's in advertising, who's finding that he lays out visuals for web pages in Photoshop, and then finds himself spending a day or three struggling with all sorts of different tools to build this into some sort of page, and he wants to do something about that extra day or three. I know the tool he wants, and I wish someone would write it (or pay me to write it, but that's not terribly likely), and it's really not that far off from hand-coding, but I'm not sure that he's got the... whatever it is... to take up hand-coding.

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