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Cop magnet

2003-09-02 22:31:11.928637+00 by Dan Lyke 7 comments

Because I'm waiting on the travelogue from Meuon now that Burning Man is over and have nothing better to post: On our trip to the San Juan Islands we rented a little Dodge Neon (hint: renting at SeaTac is expensive as hell because of local taxes (including the "Seattle Mariner's Stadium Tax", lest you wonder whether professional sports are really a capitalist enterprise), but if you're going up to the islands anyway then one of the seaplane services from Seattle is probably a better deal), and when I saw it the first thing that sprang to mind was "cop magnet". I mentioned this to the lady doing the rentals, who poo-pooed my concerns, but sure enough, in an otherwise empty parking lot...

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#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-03 13:54:02.312548+00 by: crasch

Why are Dodge Neon's cop magnets? Because they're inexpensive, and thus tend to be purchased by less savory characters? Or because they mark you as a tourist?

#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-03 15:18:10.979578+00 by: Dan Lyke

In this case, because it was a bright red pseudo-sports car. I tend towards the more conservative stylings.

#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-03 21:02:15.055425+00 by: Dan Lyke

Thought about this a bit more, and:

Inexpensive bright red pseudo-sports car. To me it totally screams "teenager with no sense of responsibility". Even if driven carefully under the speed limit my mind imposes passing on the right and weaving through traffic on the visual.

#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-03 21:56:45.194285+00 by: crasch

Ah, that makes sense. I guess I never thought of neons as being that sporty looking.

#Comment Re: [Entry #6485] Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-04 03:51:04.113488+00 by: Shawn

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003 22:01:03 +0000 (UTC), crasch wrote:

> I guess I never thought of neons as being that sporty looking.

I was a bit bewildered by the "sporty" reference myself. My wife and I prefer sporty cars. We got stuck with a Neon in Florida once and couldn't stand the thing.

#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-07 04:22:43.999702+00 by: meuon

Just got home.. Travelogue (and pics) will be forthcoming. Had a great trip there and back. The 'burn itself was mellow, and I took a few, but not a lot of pics of the 'Burn. Lots of pics too and from worth sharing.

#Comment Re: Cop magnet made: 2003-09-08 01:51:09.559666+00 by: Dan Lyke

I hated it too, but apparently there are versions which are favorites in the autocross class that includes the 6 speed Nissan Sentra and the Ford Focus SVT (which apparently kicks ass in autocross).

But mostly it's that I'm used to conservative sedan styling.