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Media Hub

2003-09-03 01:52:51.689985+00 by topspin 6 comments

I'm sure some folks here moved the TV into storage long ago, but others, like me, still have a relatively traditional arrangement of TV and stereo in a living area. What I also have is large amount of mp3 files in another room, which I'd like to play via the stereo on occasion.

I've considered the media center route, but I don't want the noise of a PC in the living area. Wandering thru Best Buy today, I spied a Linksys Media Adapter which immediately caught my eye as a better solution, but a conversation with a friend outside the store led me to the Prismiq MediaPlayer which runs Linux and their forum has discussions about telneting to the box, writing different code for the hardware, writing modules to decode other types of files, etc.

The Linksys would work fine for me, but a device like this might a candidate as a "front end" for snippet manager and it just plain ol' looks like a positive step toward getting media accessible around the house.

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#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-03 04:04:50.341791+00 by: ebradway

At $199.95, I'd highly recommend just going with the Linksys. Even if it means buying a Wireless router too. I doubt I could build a VIA Eden based system to do the same thing for that price - especially with a remote control. And I understand your relationship with technology - you don't mind a premium for true plug-n-play.

#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-03 18:02:50.930177+00 by: Jerry Kindall


#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-03 18:21:34.081556+00 by: Dan Lyke

Any of those play Ogg Vorbis?

#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-03 23:14:08.64139+00 by: Dori

Another vote here for the SliMP3. We originally got a Turtle Beach Audiotron, but weren't ever happy with it. We ended up selling that and getting two SliMP3's instead (one for the house, one for Tom's office) and it's great.

#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-04 07:30:21.278726+00 by: topspin

I think I'll try the Linksys over the SliMP3 because of video support and wireless connectivity. I know pics are awful on TV now, but that should get better as TV becomes more digital.

Dan, the Linksys doesn't support Ogg, the SliMP3 does, and the PrismIQ folks have released instructions for writing plug-ins enabling support for other formats using ffmpeg.

#Comment Re: Media Hub made: 2003-09-04 16:40:58.416+00 by: Dan Lyke

SliMP3 Ogg support is "kinda":

If you have both LAME and the ogg tools installed, the SLIMP3 server will automatically convert Ogg files to MP3 on the fly for playback. To enable this feature, visit the Server Settings -> Additional Server Settings -> Behavior section of the web interface and turn on this feature. There may be some reduction of quality due to the conversion, but it generally sounds pretty good. Note that this conversion will use a substantial amount of CPU power and may put a substantial load on your server computer.