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jemblud ltteres

2003-09-15 17:54:00.318703+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Jnnoo potneid to this post at Joi Ito's wlboeg auobt the orniedrg of leterts. Intesrnietg, bsuecae I tlel meyslf taht one of the wyas that Iv'e lnaeerd to deal with my dsiexyla is to read whloe wrods, so I wnoder waht sort of seepd defeirncfes three are beweetn dnfreifet ppolee in rdeaing text lkie tihs. Try it yusorlef.

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#Comment Re: jemblud ltteres made: 2003-09-16 03:21:53.077954+00 by: other_todd

I'm a puzzle and cipher geek and I hang out with far too many other puzzle geeks, and I'm sorry to say that I pretty much read that at the speed of plaintext. The only word which gave me pause was "weblog" - probably because it was the only uncommon or unexpected word in the paragraph. (Sure, "dyslexia" is not a common word, but given the context, it was not unexpected.)

So you can be trained to not notice - just do enough anagrams and ciphers and your brain will take the letter pool in each word and rearrange them semi-automatically.

#Comment Re: jemblud ltteres made: 2003-09-16 15:56:10.650733+00 by: Dan Lyke

Hmmmm... On reading this again, I'm wondering if your facility with online games helps too. Kinda looks like game chat spelling.

#Comment Re: jemblud ltteres made: 2003-09-16 16:23:16.040908+00 by: other_todd