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.Net Rocks

2003-09-19 20:24:25.900932+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

So I actually haven't listened to a show yet, but I just like the name: .Net Rocks "is an Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers". They don't say as much, but I believe that .Net Rocks are also things that break Windows when you throw them.

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#Comment Re: [Entry #6544] .Net Rocks made: 2003-09-21 04:11:03.764211+00 by: Shawn

The subject reminds me... Have you [Dan] done any work with remoting in .NET? I've been studying up based on a recent project idea and so far I'm mightily impressed. The remoting system looks to make it obscenely - and I do mean OBSCENE - simple to write client/server apps. (Of course, I haven't actually started coding any of it yet...)

#Comment Re: .Net Rocks made: 2003-09-21 20:54:01.894508+00 by: Dan Lyke

Nope, my cow-orker's been doing all that. I should have instructions on downloading and building the project when I get in tomorrow morning, though, and part of next week's task is reading and understanding that code.

#Comment Re: .Net Rocks made: 2003-09-22 10:17:45.876748+00 by: meuon

I ended up at a fund raising dance in Huntsville with a bunch of Geeks, including Mike and Cathy Mayne (he's doing well, enjoying Huntsville).. met a boyfriend of a one of the group, he summed up my experiences meeting .Net devotees: (disclaimer: not actual words, but close):

Boyfriend: "I like working in .Net, I do Rapid Application Development of prototypes of actual programs"

Meuon (trying to be conversant): "Oh, what back end database tools are you using?"

Boyfriend: "I don't know what they use, Access or something like that. I'm not one of those geeks that goes home and plays with a computer, I'm a math major that realized I could get paid for being in computers."

Mr. Mayne and I quickly digressed into running "lpars" and Linux on the new IBM Mainframes and his writing assembly language fos such beasts, and how the creator of Eiffel (an OOP Language) seems to have sold out to the dark side. Quickly proving ourselves as one of those Geeks that goes home and plays with computers. On a side note, Margaret understood what we were talking about (and has computers at home) and was a blast to dance with.. geek girls that dance rock more than .Net does.

#Comment Re: .Net Rocks made: 2003-09-23 16:01:42.509611+00 by: Dan Lyke

Dealing with some networking folks who are like that. The worst part is that they're conversant to a point, so I trust 'em to know what they're doing, then they do something really boneheaded.

Especially in this age of so many folks complaining about the job market, and good geeks going unemployed, I'm shocked and dismayed by some of the people who do have jobs.