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Tease-O-Rama or Bust!

2003-09-21 21:24:11.469547+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Went to Tease-O-Rama or Bust last night at Broadway Studios. Damn good show. Plenty of both tease and bust. If you're down the LA way, I'm betting Tease-O-Rama will be a lot of fun.

Broadway Studios is at that intersection of Broadway and Columbus in San Francisco where all the strip clubs are, so it was fun to see the line of the dressed up folks going to the burlesque amidst the frat-boys frequenting the strip clubs. Saw a bunch of cops dealing with a guy who obviously got unruly and was ejected by the bouncer from one of the nude places.

Kitten on the Keys did great work as MC, Burlesque Costumes was a sponsor, great show, sorry you missed it (if you did), be sure to catch the next one.

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