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Lexington Arch

2003-09-22 21:46:19.184403+00 by meuon 2 comments

Driving down Highway 50, a sign on a dirt road said: Lexington Arch, 12.5 miles. So we took it. It was a nice off-road ride, with a small parking lot at the end.. and a sign that showed a "1.5 mile walk" to the Arch. Boots, water, food bars.. and a long upwards climb later, we found the arch. Turns out to be the only, or at least one of the few limestone arches (others are sandstone), the top view is looking through the arch, back towards the truck (it's way WAY down there). The bottom view is coming up on it from the trail..

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#Comment Re: Lexington Arch made: 2003-09-22 21:53:50.053619+00 by: Mars Saxman

That's really cool. It's clearly Nevada, but where? I took several long trips down Highway 50 when I lived in Reno, but don't remember seeing the sign you mention.

#Comment Re: Lexington Arch made: 2003-09-23 03:22:37.583038+00 by: meuon

On the Utah side of Baker Arizona, it's technically part of the Great Basin National Park.