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Maintaining tone

2003-09-23 17:03:54.012288+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

Dave says: "Can you believe it -- there are weblogs that turn away traffic based on referrer. This is bad practice." Now I think he's got a specific person in mind, but as we saw with the infamous thread that shall not be named, there are completely valid reasons to want to exclude a certain class of participant. Making no judgements on the situation that might be under discussion...

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#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-23 17:41:57.793339+00 by: meuon

Hmm.. block anything from @aol.com.. and republican.org.. and .. heck, just cause I don't like AT&T this minute, 12.x.x.x and lets not forget those perverts from 69.x.x.x and.. and..

Yet, even in making light of the situation, we already do such with incoming e-mail, tag it as SPAM and file it in the spamshredder folder.. rarely to be seen.

Of course, he's talking about referrer not source- so if Dan decided he did not like the links from 'Adam Curry's Weblog' that make him look like a freak, then I think he can do what he wants with his website, and that goes for ANY website,

#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-23 17:53:02.507826+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yeah, I think that's my point. I'm cool with people reading from almost anywhere, but I think it's totally reasonable to exercise a little editorial control on how they find a site. robots.txt is just one example of doing that.

#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-23 19:10:21.077029+00 by: dws [edit history]

Mark isn't blocking access, he's redirecting visitors who come in via Dave's links back to Dave. And it's a really low hurdle; type in the URL by hand, and you get Mark's site. It seems childish on the surface, but having watched their feud from a distance, I can't say that I disagree with Mark is doing. Dave has a way of using links to throw rocks at people.

#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-23 22:56:26.96298+00 by: Dan Lyke

Okay, here's an example: Scoble has a link to Russell Beattie: M$ Smartphones Catching Up. If you copy and paste the link (or, presumably, click on it from here), you get there. If you click through from Scoble's entry (might not work if you've already visited) you end up at U.S. V Microsoft: Findings of Fact.

Apparently Scoble linked because of a comment which has since been deleted, so I guess this is very much a matter of managing the tone and community.

#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-23 23:16:56.668408+00 by: Dan Lyke

Hmmmm... On further reflection, especially with the comment deletia, I'm now more convinced than ever that we need better tools for cross-blog commenting so that we can own our own comments. And as cool as Trackback is, it's not quite everything I want yet.

#Comment Re: Maintaining tone made: 2003-09-26 20:53:26.974748+00 by: Mark A. Hershberger

http://www.docuverse.com/blog/donpark/2003/09/25.html for more on this.