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pearls before swine

2003-09-27 18:47:01.397245+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Went to Pearls Before Swine[Wiki] down at Club Galia[Wiki] last night. We were lured there with a promise of a Kitten on the Keys performance, got there at the appointed nine o'clock, and the place was empty. Luckily Kitten and Ward (her honey, and, among other roles of note, part of Polkacide) were there, wondering why the club wanted them there at 6 to set up (they'd actually arrived at quarter after 8, and were still wondering what to do with all the time), so we sat and chatted with them for a while.

Dr. Abacus opened, good enough that we got their CD, and then, interspersed with various other things, Kitten did a few bits. There was, however, a serious lack of vibe going down. There was some DJ spinning the usual boring 2/2 up in the front of the club, allegedly a play-space upstairs (we didn't go up to check), and the various other performers were doing bump-n-grind sorts of things that weren't really playing off the audience.

Part of what makes burlesque so much fun is that there is the audience there to play off of. You don't holler, the scarf doesn't come off. Even in drag shows, where nothing's coming off, it's all about the give and take with the crowd. When the performers start off mostly naked, and when they have that bored 20 year old ennui that I find completely off-putting, there's no audience participation. Yes, there is a certain aesthetic to Suicide Girls posing in the clothing from various places I forget the links to, but it's not something that demands that live interaction. Ho, hum.

The theme for the evening was fetish, drag, pearls and piggies (whence the pearls before swine), I went in silk, Charlene in velvet (our respective fetishes), and there were a few drag newbies and lots of skimpy vinyl and a little bit of leather, but rather than being cool in its eclecticism the crowd just felt cracked and unconnected. Not a bad evening out, but probably not one we'll be chasing down again.

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#Comment Re: pearls before swine made: 2003-09-30 17:46:00.388726+00 by: Shawn

Back in the day, when I was a regular local strip club patron, some of the dancers we chatted with would tell us that they much preferred it when the audience hollered and got involved. I remember one dancer complaining to us about how most of the male audience just sits there like a dead log. She said it's very different when her and her friends go out to watch strippers - the ladies go nuts.

In that vein; I often wonder why male strip clubs don't stick around. (At least not here in Seattle.) There have been ones from time to time but they always seem to go out of business. Why is that? I don't buy the assertion that women just aren't visually stimulated. I think they can be, just as much as men. Is there still so much stigma attached to the concept of the lustfull woman that they won't patronize such places? Or does a male-dominated industry just not want to see such establishments survive?