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Folsom Street Fair

2003-09-29 01:53:07.191341+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

Went to the Folsom Street Fairsm (wins props for the "best use of service mark symbol ever") today to scope it out as a venue for Charlene's business. Met up with Mike with whom I went to Burning Man three years ago, and got hugs from Angel, whom I know from the same crowd, at the Fantasy Makers booth. Fun scene if you're a little more leathery than we are, it's amazing how many vendors of floggers the community apparently supports, but we're fairly sure it's not the scene for our product. And I like my punk with a little more talent than the bands I heard on the stages.

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#Comment Re: Folsom Street Fair made: 2003-09-29 02:05:19.322053+00 by: Dan Lyke

Except that the "Angel" I know, and I'm fairly sure that's her stage name, is not the "Angel" on the Fantasy Makers site... Hmmm.

#Comment Re: Folsom Street Fair made: 2003-09-29 02:24:09.220107+00 by: phoffman

"...a little more leathery than we are..."

Hrmph. I remember the days when "leathery" was a negative description of skin, not a positive description of preference.

#Comment Re: Folsom Street Fair made: 2003-09-29 14:52:09.491924+00 by: meuon

So when can we see/purchase the 'product'.. (a link?) - And remember.. a lot of people like YOU were there.. watching or being a part of the show, yet could possibly be interested in, or know people interested in your product.

#Comment Re: Folsom Street Fair made: 2003-09-29 16:29:23.5057+00 by: Dan Lyke

Did a bunch of product photos on Saturday, let me get final permission from Charlene and I'll drop a load of advertising on Flutterby.