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Monstrous Regiment

2003-10-04 22:41:38.15638+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Just finished Monstrous Regiment[Wiki], the latest from Terry Pratchett[Wiki]. I laughed, it was moving, and yet... I had two issues with this one. The first is that some of the humor was set up and executed in a way that made me think I was reading Piers Anthony[Wiki]. The second was that it was too fantastic. The base notions and the associated social changes happened without enough motivation, without enough backstory, to be really convincing.

It feels like he squeezed this one out because it was topical. A damned shame, too, because after Thief of Time[Wiki] I thought he had no place to go, but Night Watch[Wiki] was brilliant. This one was fun, but only in that light entertaining way. Giggle inducing puns, not deep satire.

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