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2003-10-29 15:02:06.021885+00 by meuon 2 comments

Made concrete plans to go to Mexico on a 14 day caving trip last night.. 7 or 8 of us.. 1400ft+ drops and climbs. Will be going right after Santa Claus day. Any advice for being in rural Mexico?

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#Comment Re: Insanity made: 2003-10-30 00:20:40.903529+00 by: Dan Lyke

If you see guys with masks setting up a roadblock, don't stop.

In fact, the friend I was helping last night reports that she's had to take direct aim and duck behind the dashboard on her most recent trips to Chiapas.

Oh, and maybe a handheld flash or two so that you can experiment with long exposures and "painting" the cave? I don't know how the CCD in your camera responds to long periods of "open" with a few flash sequences... Vivitar 283s are cheap and easy to modify for other cool stuff, like the "bullet breaking things" pictures, although they don't come with a built in flash slave mode.

However, I'd also guess that for caving purposes you could build a flash slave with a single phototransistor.

And work out lots, I assume that the 1400ft isn't a single pitch, but that's still gonna hurt.

#Comment Re: Insanity made: 2003-10-30 13:36:55.466809+00 by: meuon

Thanks for the flash reminder, my external ($19 SunPack) is broke and I need another one. The caving world still uses flash bulbs a lot, easy to set off from remote and you can get some huge ones. Some cave photographers use these flash bulbs that were used in WWII from the underside of planes to do night photography. The DF200 might be useful as well, but it's hard to be cheap when taking gear like that into a cave, even in Pelican boxes.

As for working out, yep, I have recently bought an Elliptical trainer, I like the low impact and fairly natural motion. I can't seem to actually lose weight, but I am building muscle tone and stamina.