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QTV birthday bash.

2003-10-30 16:48:01.837204+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

We got invited to the QTV birthday month bash (press release) last night at Hotel Adagio[Wiki] in honor of Dear Diva[Wiki] getting the Clarence E. Swiggins Humanitarian Award[Wiki]. A very nice get-together, mostly the hard-working folks who put together QTV, great conversations with people who believe in their community. Very nice evening.

Got me thinking a bit about community too, QTV was once a daily show, now its monthly, and I'm wondering if part of that might actually be due to their success. Part of what brings a community together, like the gay community, is shared struggle. Much of the success they've found, from QTV reporters going on to mass-market jobs to the explosion of "queer culture" in the national sense of style, could mean that the need for a niche market is gone. Which is a damned shame, because there were some great bits playing on the tapes they had there.

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