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Wired badly

2003-10-30 19:53:57.651862+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

RC3 has a link to Gary Wolf pondering the worst Wired story ever. Well worth reading as a retrospective of the '90s, and makes me wonder how we can generate buzz for a revolution a month here at Flutterby...

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#Comment Re: Wired badly made: 2003-11-03 18:19:12.799081+00 by: meuon [edit history]

It's a good story. Unless you really want to "disappear into a whirlpool of your own creation", I'd suggest not creating a revolution a month on Flutterby using the same ideology as Wired. Flutterbarians seem to be much more realistic.

For example: I've been experimenting with FireWire (ieee 1394), and have been very impressed with it for an external HD and a CDRW/DVDRM. Works under Linux and WinBlows well. Under your proposed model in 'Wired' mode, this would equate to: FireWire! The future is now! even though it's been supplanted by USB 2.0 for the average WinBlows users. Yet, if enough people read Flutterby and believe such drivel, it could be a major marketing force of hyped technologies.

But then, would you want people who believe such dreck to be posting to Flutterby?

And then the final question. Unless it is satisfying some very real psychological need of yours to do so. Why would you? Could you make a buck from it? Accepting advertising and freebies from the victim of the revolution-of-the-day? Subscribers?

#Comment Re: Wired badly made: 2003-11-03 22:40:51.853774+00 by: Dan Lyke

On the basis of "FireWire! The future is now!", I may have to make a Wired hype generator script (Whoops, a quick search reveals that I may be too late).

Actually, what I really want is to get some venture investment in Flutterby, sell it off to Condé Nast, and retire to the pacific northwest.

But then I suppose I'd end up starting a sequel...

#Comment Re: Wired badly made: 2003-11-04 13:54:27.021356+00 by: meuon

Flutterbarians are such a 'Society of Independant People' that I doubt a mass-marketing mainstream powerhouse like Conde Nast would want us.