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What's wrong with the "Sex Offender" label

2003-11-04 19:57:27.860592+00 by Shawn 1 comments

Also via Wildhack, woman breaks in to prison to have sex with boyfriend. Does this qualify as "unlawful oral copulation" and "unlawful communication with an inmate"? Sure, but should she be branded a sex offender??? According to court documents, she will if she's convicted.

So now having sex with a consenting adult means you could spend the rest of your life not allowed to be alone around children, driven out of your neighborhoods, etc.

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#Comment Re: What's wrong with the "Sex Offender" label made: 2003-11-05 19:09:05.854321+00 by: Dan Lyke

Well, of course, because it's obvious that any sexual behavior just leads to "...obscenity, child pornography, and child sexual exploi-ta-tion on the Internet."

The sad part is that by crying wolf the schmucks who get these flawed systems put into place are just doing long-term harm to their alleged causes.

Not that this in any way mitigates the stupidity of this woman's behavior...