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La Ribot

2003-11-17 19:54:56.165023+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

With the subject "word for the day: ecdysiast", George passed along this article about La Ribot, a modern dancer who works nude:

After studying modern dance in France, Germany and New York, La Ribot returned to Spain where she co-directed a dance company, Bocanada. After three years, however, she became discouraged with the vicissitudes of collaborating with dancers, composers, choreographers and costumiers.

"One day I realized this way of work, I didn't like," recalled La Ribot. "I stop the company completely. I was trying to look for another language, another way to work in dance. That's when I put 'La' in front of my name and started to work alone, naked, in silence."

More on La Ribot.

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