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NNTP syndicated weblogs for everybody!

2003-11-21 06:29:27.028124+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

What the hell, pre-announce everything, work the bugs out later. Remember ages ago when I announced that Flutterby had an NNTP feed? And then I asked what NNTP feeds from other sites should look like? I'm baaaaaack...

If you'd like your weblog NNTP[Wiki] syndicated, simply add some classes to various elements in your HTML[Wiki] templates. Multiple classes can be assigned to the same element as a list separated by spaces, for instance <div class="oneclass weblogentry anotherclass">, so even if you're using CSS[Wiki] this isn't a big deal.

Goes in an element surrounding the entire weblog entry, including title, archive and author links. Might be a <div class="weblogentry">, if you use tables probably a <tr class="weblogentry">.
Around the weblog entry title or whatever text you want to make the subject. Might be a <h2 class="weblogentrytitle"> or even a <b class="weblogentrytitle">.
In the "a" element that has the "href" attribute that points to your archive entry, ie: <a class="weblogentryarchivelink" href="http://www.flutterby.com/archives/comments/.
Around the main text of the weblog entry. Often a <td class="weblogentrybody"> or a <div class="weblogentrybody"> if you swing the CSS[Wiki] way.

Then email me with the URL[Wiki] of your blog, the newsgroup name you'd like under news://www.flutterby.com/flutterby.blogs.* and the email address you'd like as the "From:" on the NNTP[Wiki] posts (could be bogus, I'm not picky), and once an hour we'll do a minimal check to see if we need to re-get your page, and then syndicate it. Right now this only allows for one "From:" address per weblog. If there's call for more I'll figure something out. And no comments or threading yet, with comment spam becoming an issue I don't quite know how to go about implementing this (and weblog tools should be pushing, I shouldn't be polling). One-way comments from your weblog to the feed should be fairly easy, even if that's kludgey and I hate the concept.

I'm sure we'll do at least one hierarchy reorganization, and if anyone else has a server they'd like me to feed this stuff to please speak up. Let's do our best to supplant the idiocy that is RSS[Wiki] and bring some real syndication to weblogs.

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