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Lapdancing for Charity

2003-11-22 19:05:31.08918+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Lapdancing for charity, but they can't give the money away:

Four nonprofit organizations representing San Francisco's homeless, poor and cancer-stricken turned down a $4,330 gift from Gasperec's Penthouse Grille and Broadway Showgirls Cabaret topless club in North Beach over the past several weeks, saying they have reputations to protect.

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#Comment Re: Lapdancing for Charity made: 2003-11-24 18:37:19.421903+00 by: Shawn

Ruth Dewson is my new hero. Makes me want to boycott the organizations that refuse the money. If stripper money isn't good enough for them, then neither is mine.