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2003-11-24 10:15:58.688746+00 by meuon 5 comments

Sometimes, when the world is pulling you lots of directions, your phone rings and says 'we're going camping, caving and off-roading.. want to join us?'. It's an opportunity to escape the world for a while, with friends :) Of course, staying up all Sunday night to get caught up on coding is not fun, but worth it. --Anyway, went to Coppingers Cove and Ships Cave this weekend, had a great time, even after getting stuck in the river. And don't let anyone tell you a big Ford truck won't go off-road, except for getting stuck on this river crossing, it was literally amazing.

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#Comment Re: Escapism made: 2003-11-24 14:19:55.500265+00 by: topspin

Ahhhh.... I'm jealous. I'm in if y'all go next weekend, though the rain may make the creek crossings outta the question...... well, except for that little Rover.

And, with Jacob riding shotgun, there's seemed to be lots of "bald guy" mojo in that truck. <grin>

#Comment Re: Escapism made: 2003-11-24 17:40:56.945597+00 by: meuon

We are planning on going back this coming weekend.. My goal is to take the Bronco :) Gotta fix the heater, the rear taillights.. and take warm clothes.

#Comment Re: Escapism made: 2003-11-29 22:48:46.701865+00 by: meuon

An update: Clem, Pam, Jen, John and ??? went back to Ships Cave again this weekend. I had some work to finish, so I left late Friday afternoon and took the Bronco. Because of recent rain, the water levels were much higher and I never made it back to the rest of the crowd (who were in Land Rovers). Seems my Bronco is really a cat. Did great on the trails, loved the rocks, but does not like water. Sucked it into the carb and intake manifold. After draining two batteries trying to flush it out, decided to camp in the near freezing weather alone. Even saw some fluffy white stuff. Suprisingly, that was pretty decent, good tent, great sleeping bag, hot food.. and I hiked out the next morning.

The local 'end of the road' organic goat/chicken/beef/... farmer, towed me to near civilization with his WWII era M-37. My dad brought me and my gear home. Tomorrow I'll take tools and fresh batteries and.. with luck, bring it back to life.

And it still beats watching TV. I know, I now have Cable TV :)

#Comment Re: Escapism made: 2003-12-01 16:30:15.883303+00 by: Dan Lyke

Pictures coming soon, but my weekend involved similar trekking. Ya might be a wussy yuppie if, when traveling on unmaintained forest service roads in the snow, you feel that you have to pull your 4Runner over to let my Maxima by...

Hope the Bronco made it back to life. Is a snorkel on a big hood intake next?

#Comment Re: Escapism made: 2003-12-01 23:58:09.531342+00 by: meuon

Bronco fired right up with dry spark plugs and a fresh battery. I'll have to waterproof the ignition system AND change my air intake a bit before I try to cross THAT much water again. Next day, a Jeep with a snorkel got washed downstream trying to cross. He made it though.