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Music industry OOC again

2003-12-03 21:18:26.949986+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

The slimeballs are at it: SF bar stops hosting bands that play original music because ASCAP is threatening them. Obviously there's some room for interpretation, but the bands and the bar owner claimed that the songs they're alleged to have played never happened.

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#Comment Re: Music industry OOC again made: 2003-12-04 13:57:33.123903+00 by: meuon

Sad story. ASCAP(and RIAA) is killing the very foundation of it's industry. Some of the bands and musicians that played at Skips might be their next biggest artist. To penalize the bar owner and/or the band that plays an occaisional cover erodes the source and joy of good live music. It's tough to balance 'freedom of speech' and 'copyright'. The musicians that could stop it all will not, as the very scum we are complaining about also feeds them.

It would take some major musicians to remember it's about the music, the fans that make it possible.. and to change their contracts with the recording industry to allow reasonable use and re-interpretation of their works. I'd hope that most REAL musicians, if they walked into a small bar/club and heard a regional band playing their work would feel honored, maybe even like the interpretation/rendition and tell the band "thank you" rather than calling their lawyer(s).

Unfortunately, everyone wants to just get rich.. it's a strategy that must change for the music industry to become sustainable.