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2003-12-23 01:12:29.894027+00 by Shawn 4 comments

Hope the CA contingent of Flutterby is all okay, along with their worldly possessions. (A friend vacationining in the area alerted us to the news just before her cell succumbed to the overloaded phone system.)

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#Comment Re: Quake made: 2003-12-23 02:02:03.718833+00 by: Diane Reese

Fine here near San Jose, and thanks for inquiring.

Younger Kid and I were walking the aisles of a huuuuuge warehouse filled with granite slabs, from which we were selecting countertop material for the upcoming ritual kitchen gutting. At one point, a really BIG truck rumbled by outside and made the place shake a bit; I looked up at the soaring ceiling and the row after row of slabs standing on the floor and thought to myself, "I wonder whether it would be safe to be here during an earthquake."

It wasn't until we got home that I learned that I already knew the answer to that question. :-)

#Comment Re: Quake made: 2003-12-23 04:05:03.589184+00 by: Dan Lyke

Didn't even notice it up here in Marin. Was driving out to meet Phil for lunch and get some materials for a project here (if it turns out well, pictures forthcoming) and heard about it on the radio.

#Comment Re: Quake made: 2003-12-24 07:18:32.425425+00 by: Shawn

It seems that earthquakes are almost indetectible when one is traveling in a vehicle. Immediately following one of the big ones we had up here about ten years ago (the first I'd been in where I felt the ground roll) customers who pulled up at the store didn't believe us.

#Comment Re: Quake made: 2003-12-24 16:31:25.720646+00 by: Diane Reese

When I lived in NY, a work colleague who'd been in SF during the Loma Prieta quake told me he'd been driving at the time, and the big clue for him was that the light poles and telephone poles were kind of swaying and bobbing as if they were made of rubber. He figured something was going on and stopped the car, at which point it was more obvious.