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Monstrous cleanup

2003-12-31 23:41:25.41539+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

For posterity, since this serves as something of a journal for me, I should mention that last night we officially declared "done" a monstrous cleanup. Only once before in my life have I been so moved by a feeling that everything needs a place, and, alas, that feeling only lasted a week and a half or so. Maybe we can make this one more permanent. Those of you who've seen my work room would be totally shocked and amazed by the state of it, the floor open and sullied only by a few large items that have yet to find homes. I'm still finding magazines to cull, but shelf feet have been reduced to a few files of the articles I can actually see using.

On Monday, loading up for a dump run, the big storm hit. As the rain with occasional hail crashed down, flooding the sidewalks, the San Anselmo emergency sirens blared because the creek was inches away from flooding, and the occasional large crack and crash of trees falling in the high winds (and, yes, we're in a small canyon and I'm comparing this to some of the high winds I've experienced up on the black rock desert), we packed stuff into the car. Cleaning up is good. That much motivation is pathological. Later I was in downtown San Anselmo and offered my cell phone number to Karen and Michael at Booksmith[Wiki] as they nervously watched the level of the water. Luckily, it seems like they dodged it, although tomorrow morning we're scheduled for another big one.

In scaling back, I'm also getting rid of a few large project-ish things, it's probably time to give up the torch (already got a few folks speaking for that), the one that I'm fumbling over is my Honda EU2000i[Wiki] generator. If you've a need for a quiet efficent generator of that size, run a few times for Burning Man[Wiki] and one or two times as an extension cord at home, make me an offer. Note that this is not an "I need a cheap generator" option, this is a generator for someone who's going to run it a lot (so that the fuel efficiency matters) or values the quiet (you can talk in normal tones next to it while it's running).

Anyway, it feels damned good. There's probably even yet one more dump run coming (#3 was pooled with Tom from next door, he's got a fairly large truck now), but I think we've finally got a handle on everything.

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#Comment Re: Monstrous cleanup made: 2004-01-01 01:46:41.325678+00 by: Diane Reese

Congrats on your unloading! We've been doing much of the same, in much of our house, in preparation for the Monstrous Kitchen Rip-out in mid-Jan. (which we ardently hope is not a rip-OFF), and it does feel liberating. I wish I had two more weeks to work on it full-time, though.

My true wish for us all is that we move into 2004 with a better sense of who we are and how we all fit in the world. It's a precious place, as are the souls upon it: treat it, and yourselves, well.

#Comment Re: Monstrous cleanup made: 2004-01-01 16:05:28.851474+00 by: ziffle

I once (or twice) got tired of computers - and sold off all[Wiki] my computers - Processor Tech SOL, Northstar - I mean all of it. It felt good - I should do it again. I am dumping all the old computers I collected for the museum - I realized I hate them. Any takers?

#Comment Re: Monstrous cleanup made: 2004-01-02 21:32:11.153346+00 by: Shawn

"Tired of computers?" Surely you jest. Is such a thing possible?

#Comment Re: Monstrous cleanup made: 2004-01-07 06:54:25.105126+00 by: Larry Burton

Ziffle, Jeff Wormsley would probably take the computers and give them a very good home.