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Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access

2003-12-31 23:54:07.630147+00 by meuon 8 comments

It´s me, in a town I pulled into in 4wd low.. that has a 3 computer internet cafe.. Mexico, waaaayyyy in country is amazing. Rapelling into the Rio Choi river was insane, beautiful and fun. Pictures will blow you away, will upload when I get back. Happy New Year or as they as screaming here: Feliz Navidad!

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#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-01 02:02:02.679211+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yow. I remember when we put the first internet (well, Usenet and UUCP gated mail) kiosk in a coffee shop in Chattanooga, probably about 10 years ago. Now places you can only get to by rock crawling are wired up.

Back atcha on the calendar change, have fun, eagerly await the pix.

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-02 18:31:52.252901+00 by: colenz

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#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-07 00:41:17.395665+00 by: meuon

Back in Xilitlia, still cant spell it, went to a hillside yesterday with a dozen or more pits and caves, dropped a 350 footer, the hard core guys found and dropped a 150 at the bottom of that one. Today, the city is engulfed in clouds (approx 5000ft above sea level) and its wet and cold. There are 3 cybercafes here. Clem, Pam and I visited the BirdHouse... insane. What youd build if you had lots of cheap labor, concrete and were drinking LSD like water. The hard core guys are searching for more caves.. in the rain and the mist. The picture show will be awesome....

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-07 05:34:27.644525+00 by: Dan Lyke

Rain? You're talking about going underground, aside from that little flash flooding thing what's a little rain?

Be careful, but more importantly have fun and go big!

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-11 02:53:42.945243+00 by: meuon

Got back to Chattaboogie last night... Clem and Pam are compiling pictures, they have all my camera dumps. On Thursday afternoon, while exploring a beautiful waterfall (not in a cave), my hand pulled loose a rock (80+ lbs) while traversing in front of the waterfall, it bounced off of my right ankle on the way down. Mark, Jacob, John and Clem helped me get back to the trucks (half a mile?) were we wrapped up by bruised anke. I rode back with my foot elevated and on ice.. This morning I got it x-rayed in Chattanooga, turns out I fractured part of my lower leg bone.. it's in a cast and I'm hobbling on crutches. Still, had a great trip, and will post a detailed recap with incredible pictures in the next couple of days.

Immediate comments: Mexicans do amazing things with concrete. While coming from Mexico to the US we expected some major security. Nope, the guy at the border stuck his head in the drivers window and asked if we we all US Citizens.. we said yes and he told us "welcome home" and waved us through. He did not check passports, ID's or anything else. Wow.

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-11 19:49:19.133301+00 by: Larry Burton

I visited Nogales, Mexico for the day yesterday. I had a similar experience walking across the border. Absolutely no security check going into Mexico and even though I had my driver's license out coming back into the US the lady checking me through didn't even glance at it. The Border Patrol did have a security checkpoint set up on I-19 just north of Tubac, AZ but they also just waved us through.

Meuon, take care of the leg and I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. I look forward to looking through your pictures.

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-12 15:33:50.965018+00 by: Shawn

I went to Nogales once - first and only time I've ever been to Mexico (and aside from the occasional weekend visit to Canada, the only time I've been outside the U.S.) The experience was a bit scary, so I only stayed about an hour.

Coming back was a pretty similar experience. I was stationed at Fort Huachuca at the time and grinning like an idiot, holding up my military ID. (Hey, I was young. This was a new experience for me.) The guy at the gate didn't give a fig about my ID - wouldn't even look at it. Only wanted the answer to one question: "Are you a U.S. citizen?"

'course that was... 12 years ago.

#Comment Re: Xialitilo Mexico Internet Access made: 2004-01-12 18:15:08.51685+00 by: Dan Lyke

I'd suggest that if you weren't obviously of northern European ancestry and speaking in a regional accent of the United States they might make that crossing more difficult?

Besides which, California's economy depends on illegal workers from Central America enough that I'm sure there's some sort of judgement call being made, these folks can't all be sneaking across 40 miles of desert.