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Healdsburg lunch

2004-01-04 01:43:55.1557+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Charlene and I went up to Healdsburg today to have lunch with Dori, Shaan Hurley, Bill, Robert (and Patrick) Scoble, and Roger, who's URLs I missed out on. Good time, Charlene and I got to hang around Healdsburg a little bit, the museum was cool, the town was a little too tourist-gallery-ish for our tastes.

The chat at lunch was interesting for what it covered and didn't; many of the "oh, isn't that cool" technologies discussed held zero interest for me. One of the discussions was about a research project up at Microsoft involving software which was smart about mobile connections, issues with which I was familiar from diddling with Linux[Wiki] on the old Metricom[Wiki] network, but which largely were a matter of "if this is a problem for you, you need to smack a few people, not try to fix b0rk3n user issues with second-guessing software". Which is probably why I don't understand the success of certain systems in the market.

One gallery was kinda cool, Spirits in Stone carries stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, some of which had some form and style that I really enjoyed. None enough that I could imagine space for them in the house, though.

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