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Political meanderings

2004-01-12 22:00:40.370935+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So I've been watching the Democratic horse-race unfold, and I'm starting to get concerned. The front-runners seem to be Dean and Clark. Dean seems to be doing his best to make sure that Bush voters stay Bush voters ("Dubya is an idiot"), and that Nader voters end up convincing either Nader or Kucinich to run ("confederate flags"); maybe there's enough votes in young internet users to make up for that demographic, but I'm not so sure. Clark bothers me because in that whole "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" thing, as we step through the Bill of Rights we stop at #1 (with his comments on flag burning), and he admits to voting for Reagan (yes, I know, Reagan didn't actually know about all the shenanigans of Iran Contra, right?) and Bush the elder (he was equally clueless, especially since he was an ex-head of the CIA, right?).

(Comparisons between Reagan and Bush the elder's alleged lack of knowledge about the actions of their lieutenants and information flow in Saddam Hussein's administration elided because that'd just be nasty...)

For a moment there Dean (and more importantly, Dean's supporters) could have made me think I was a Democrat, but now I'm becoming convinced that the Democrats as an organization (or maybe that's too strong a word, perhaps "movement"?) are trying to be more effective than Karl Rove at getting Bush the younger re-elected.

(Teeheehee. The topic picker suggested "dictators"...)

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