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2004-01-23 21:38:18.081218+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

So by now you have undoubtedly discovered the new Friendster, dubbed Orkut. If you haven't gotten an invite from one of the select 20,000 seedings (I haven't) you might have seen the /. mention of the News.com.com article.

Named after its developer, Orkut Buyukkokten, apparently "orkut" is also a common Finnish slang term for "orgasms" (yes, plural, from other sources). Finally, a site that's up-front about its purposes.

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#Comment Re: Orkut made: 2004-01-23 22:17:13.189429+00 by: meuon

Personal networking services are a hot topic, and recently, one that was promoted locally as a co-op with a radio station got busted as a front for escort services:

Dear John,
Have you been spending lots of time and money trying online dating with no payoff? Based on your history with us you qualify for an exclusive 'platinum level' with a very special search interface and we guarantee you will be overcum with joy. We charge $250 for each match.. You input your search requirements and we deliver the perfect match, not to your screen, not to your e-mail box.. but to your door. Interested? Click [ here ] for an first time trial for only $200.

personal services coordinator

No, I did not include a real link.. sorry..