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2004-01-26 19:53:12.452117+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

I just gotta repeat this one whole hog from John over at Genehack, who says: "Something tells me that the Flutterbarians are going to really be into this one: Pornzilla"

The goal of the Pornzilla project is to make Mozilla into a great porn browser. We mostly contribute to Mozilla directly, but in cases where the requirements for a porn browser conflict with the requirements for a general-release browser, we will release modifications that aren't included in the main Mozilla distribution.

I need to check their thumbnailing feature, it sounds like there are a couple of features that could be handy even if you're not surfing porn.

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#Comment Re: Pornzilla made: 2004-01-27 00:20:53.770637+00 by: meuon

I saw "Pornzilla" and my heart stopped. - That was the online posting name used by a COL customer a few years ago that posted 800plus child porn pictures to newsgroups.. it was a dark moment with 2 vice cops looking over my shoulder when I figured out who it was.