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A different kind of cable company

2004-02-12 23:31:35.857755+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Wow. Been a full day, digging through some software I've never seen before to fix an unresponsive server and make sure a new install got all of its records(looks like cool software, steep admin curve); fixed some backlash and settling time issues that have shown up in the motion control system; and did yet a little more clean-up on our old computers (anyone wanna make my life easy and buy a few tens of old P3-733 type machines?).

So I'll take a breather and make a note: My favorite credit card was recently co-opted, I got a call from an online auto parts store asking where I wanted to pick up a new in-car DVD player. No biggie, call my card provider, have 'em cancel it, mark a few things as fradulent. Except that I've got recurring billing on that card. Go to Comcast.net and try to login. All my normal passwords, all the login IDs that they've ever given me or I've given them. No dice. Fire up a browser, try to check support, shut down computer, swap drives, reboot into Windows, try again with IE, get directed (not sure if it was a human or a 'bot that I was chatting with) to help page. Eventually figure out from help page that Comcast.net and Comcast.com use different user databases, and I want the latter. Sigh. If this is "a different kind of cable company" then I want the normal kind.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-02-13 15:51:05.277814+00 by: Shawn [edit history]

Which is just one of the many reasons I absolutely refuse to do recurring charges. If a company wants my business they have to provide another option. Amazingly enough, this actually worked recently. Most companies just blow me off. This ISP grumbled and bitched, but in the end sent me a shopping cart link for a non-rebilling version of their package.