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.NET on Un*x? .NOT.

2004-02-13 17:39:20.152054+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Mono and dotGNU: what's the point? echoes some of my own thoughts on the matter. Yesterday Phil was trying to make a replaceable word in a message a different format. We suggested a couple of different methods, but each one of them was far easier to implement in GTK than System.Windows.Forms; from using internal formatting to just using three text fields.

As a .NET developer, and as I prepare to move Charlene's computing over to Linux, I'm continually reminded that Windows, and especially .NET, has a long way to go to catch up with modern Linux. What it does have is a popular application suite, but the operating system and the GUI shell are stuck back in the dark ages as a result of bad architectural decisions and inexperienced kludges on top of other kludges. Trying to follow Microsoft[Wiki]'s lead is a bad idea, indeed this might be exactly what Microsoft[Wiki] wanted: Drag the smart guys in the Mono development group down a dead end, and keep their energies from going into something innovative.

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