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Phone guys

2004-03-02 19:00:10.511573+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Diane talks about some phone issues related to her remodel, and comments that:

And I must report that it goes a long way when you bring a bagel and cream cheese and a Jamba Juice to your telephone repair guy when you get some for yourself and your kids, too. What goes around comes around, y'know? I'm just sayin'...

Getting on good terms with your telephone guy is a very good thing. These are the people in the phone company who actually know something, and especially if you're likely to be hooking up bizarre hardware to the phone line are the ones from whom you can get the answers you need. I'm sure Meuon has the war stories...

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-03-03 18:32:12.473621+00 by: other_todd

Yes. People to be friends with: Your butcher, your telephone guy, your UPS person if you have a regular one ... I never need to sign those little slips again; she knows to hide packages around the back of the house if we're not here. Also I know the sound of the truck and she tends to honk her horn when she comes around, so even if I'm not dressed I can generally grab my robe and get to the door. These are the small quality of life improvements that count.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible to be friends with the cable guy. They have no souls. And while I would love to be friends with a decent home repair pro/contractor, they all seem to come and go like mayflies. Every time we find one we like, he vanishes.