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New Toy

2004-05-05 16:28:45.163847+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Bought a new toy last night: A KHS Tandemania Sport from Team Karim in Berkeley. It's a 1998 model still in the box, the frame geometry is slightly different and there's no suspension on the rear seat post, but we got a decent price break and we can alter the few different components if we see an issue with 'em.

It's pretty low-end, not one of the tricked out bikes I mentioned lusting after, but we realized that we could spend all summer looking for just the right bike and learning enough to know what we wanted, and we wanted to start riding now.

But after dinner last night we stayed up 'til nearly one assembling it. I'll do final tightening and adjustments tonight (Charlene works), and we'll be able to do an inagural ride on Thursday evening. I'm super excited about having a regular exercise thing we can share.

And while we're riding as often as possible this summer and learning what we do and don't need in a tandem we'll be actively looking for something better.

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