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Tandem update

2004-05-07 04:42:01.337179+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Okay. Howinthehell did I get to this ripe old age without having someone bend my ear about the joys of tandem biking? We still need to work out a better rack system than "take off the pedals on one side and loosen and slide around the rear handlebars and tie the front wheel so the front handlebars don't smash the back window", but we took the bike out to Samuel P. Taylor State Park this afternoon and rode the bike trail (old railroad grade) from one end to the other. We're both giddy with just how cool it is; like the best of touring biking, but sociable and with that element of learning how to communicate that is so cool.

I'm now going to be one of those annoying evangelist types until the newness factor wears off, 'cause this is just plain neat.

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