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tandem update

2004-05-12 01:46:42.562871+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

9 miles in strong wind yesterday, 20 miles plus a reasonable sized hill (the bike path along 101 from Corte Madera to Mill Valley) today. Best investment so far: a cycling computer with a cadence readout to settle those "you're pedaling too fast/slow" arguments, and a 2 liter Camelbak for Charlene, which she drains quickly (I, on the other hand, am ending up with yellow pee, so I'll have to get one too...).

And yes, we will try to get some pictures. Got to get someone else to take 'em, for obvious reasons. And where we can get someone else to take 'em (the neighborhood) the background isn't terribly cool. This Saturday it'd be nice to take the time to ride to Sausalito[Wiki], walk around enough that we aren't saddle-sore any more, and ride back, and that would make a nicer backdrop, so maybe I'll try to carry the camera along then.

Since Charlene is the stoker, she gets the ride in the back, like when you were a kid and sat in the back seat in the bus so you could get the big bumps. Sprung seat post for Charlene coming Thursday, Spiderflex seat sometime (hopefully not long) after.

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